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Pollution Systems can consider your process conditions and compliance requirements to help you meet emission control objectives. Based on these assessments, we offer recommendations that will diminish your overall operating costs, while maximizing your productivity and efficiency. Pollution Systems designs are specific to your unique operating needs. Every system includes a customized automated controls package which optimizes the system’s ease of operation, productivity, safety and efficiency. Contact our experienced engineers to discuss your distinctive condition and to begin developing the solution that is right for you.

Room Pressurization System
Room pressurization systems prevent smoke from entering escape routes through air overpressure. In the event of a door opening or an air leak, the system reacts by increasing the air flow rate, so that the routes are always smoke free in an emergency situation. A pressurization system injects clean air into the stair enclosure such that the pressure in the stair is greater than the adjacent fire compartment.

Kitchen Fume Extraction / Ventilation System
Kitchen Fume Exhaust Systems recirculates the air back into the kitchen instead of outside, which is why they are sometimes referred to as recirculating range hood. In a ductless system, a powerful motorized fan sits above the stovetop. When the switch is flipped, the fan sucks the air up through a vent and filter. Blowtech Engineers’ Kitchen Fume Extraction/ Ventilation System is functionally designed to remove smoke, odours, grease and other contaminants that are released into the air while cooking. Kitchen Fume Exhaust Systems removes fumes, airborne grease, combustion products, smoke, heat, and steam from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration.

Factory Ventilation System
Factory Ventilation System involves two essential parts first is the fresh air supply system and an exhaust system. The supply system comprises air filtering equipment, air inlet, heating and cooling equipment, fans, ductwork, and air distribution registers. The exhaust system has a discharge stack, air intake area, ducts that move air from one area to the next, an air cleaning device, and fans. Both sections of the system work together to remove an extensive range of contaminants from the area.

Fume Scrubbing System
Fume Scrubbing System is functionally designed to capture harmful gases produced in municipal waste treatment, and in industrial process leaks. Fume Scrubbing System utilizes random dumped packing, a mist eliminator, and a liquid distribution system to remove acids from the waste gas stream through neutralization and absorption. Fume Scrubbing System is preferably suited for hot combustion exhaust streams including kilns, thermal oxidizers, industrial boilers or incinerators.

Dust Collection System
Dust Collection System collects or concentrates particles by changing the direction of motion of the flowing gas in a way that the particle trajectories cross over the gas streamlines and the particles are either concentrated into a minor part of the gas flow or separated by impingement onto a surface.

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