Due to our large product portfolio, our products find applications in a very vast range of applications. Some of our most popular products include:

• Axial Flow Fans
• Centrifugal Blowers
• Turbine Blowers
• Cyclone Separator
• Fume Exhaust System
• Turbo Powerless Roof Fans
• Dust Collectors
• Fume Scrubbers
• Air Curtains
• Acid Tanks
• Industrial Blowers
• Duct Systems
• FRP Based Motorized Roof Exhaust Fans.
• Mechanical Roof Exhaust Fans.
• Complete Industrial Ventilation System,
• Centralized Pulsejet/cyclone Dust Collection System.

These products find use in a lot of industries including Thermal Power Plants, Coal, Cement, Engineering Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Sugar and Steel Plants, Restaurants & Large Kitchens.

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